December 7, 2021
Google Launches Subscribe with Google for Premium Content

Google makes Paying for Premium News Content Super Simple

Google now makes it a cinch to sign-up and access premium content across devices with its new ‘Subscribe with Google’ service…

Google has successfully transformed the tedious process of signing up for news subscriptions and bypassing firewalls into an impulse buy. The search engine introduced “Subscribe with Google” and it’s surely to become very popular with publishers.

Google Launches ‘Subscribe with Google’ for Premium Content

Google unveiled the service for publishers, pitching it as a win-win scenario for all parties. Although Google is not exactly new to the purchase process for premium content, this is a bit different.

“Subscribe with Google lets you buy a subscription, using your Google account, on participating news sites. Select the publisher offer you’d like to buy, click ‘Subscribe,’ and you’re done. You’ll automatically be signed in to the site, and you can pay–securely and privately—with any credit card you’ve used with Google in the past. From then on, you can then use ‘Sign In with Google’ to access the publisher’s products, but Google does the billing, keeps your payment method secure, and makes it easy for you to manage your subscriptions all in one place,” Jim Albrecht, Project Management Director, Subscribe with Google, writes.

Subscribers not only get quick access to premium content, they’ll also enjoy a different search experience. Once signed-up, users will see highlighted articles from those particular outlets for matching queries.

This is a new method of expanding an already available option. By streamlining the process, Google gives publisher the potential to capture more premium subscriptions, increasing their revenues. This is especially important because online advertising is simply insufficient to sustain news organizations.

Here’s a quick video explainer about Subscribe with Google: