November 2, 2022
Google Lens integrated into Chrome image search

Google Quietly Integrates Lens into its Chrome Browser for Image Search

Google snuck its Lens technology into the Chrome browser to work with image searches, from the stable version to Canary…

Lens, the technology which allows people to capture and identify real-world objects, has already found its way into Photos, Assistant, the Camera, and more. Now, it’s available in Chrome, across all versions, from Canary, through beta, and even stable (though it’s not active by default).

Google Lens Integrated into Chrome Image Search

The Google Lens-Chrome integration isn’t a surprise. There’s been signs it would make a debut at some point and now, it’s here.

For those unfamiliar, Google Lens is a technology which allows people to snap a photo of an object that Google identifies. So, it’s a great resource for translating signs in foreign languages and for identifying objects in nature. It can also help to identify other things, using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In order to use Google Lens in the Chrome browser, people have to toggle it on through a flag. Type “chrome:flags” into the address bar and search for “#context-menu-search-with-google-lens.”

Enable the flag and restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Once on, a new option in the menu will appear that reads, “Search with Google Lens,” right below Download image and above Share image.

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