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Google Lens Hits 50 Million Downloads in the Play Store

Google Lens reaches 50 million installations

Credit: 101Android

Google Lens, an image recognition technology mobile app, has joined other members of the 50 million download club for Android…

Google has yet another popular app that does something amazing. It’s use of image recognition tech combines visual analysis and a neural network.

When put to use, Google Lens can identify subjects in photos, matching possible candidates with its vast Knowledge Graph.

Google Lens Reaches 50 Million Installations

Now, Google Lens joins other popular Google applications, reaching 50 million installs from the Play Store.

For those unfamiliar with Google Lens, it’s a mobile tool which attempts to identify objects in pictures. It can also translate foreign languages — useful for reading street signs.

Basically, if a person sees a species he or she doesn’t know, simply using Google Lens will reveal its identity.

Google Lens was first unveiled by Google in 2017 at its annual I/O event. It debuted as an exclusive feature for Pixel phones.

Google released a standalone app about five months later. It can also be found in Google Assistant, Google Photos, and remains part of the Pixel camera app. Even though it’s available in three places, the standalone app has still managed to reach 50 million+ downloads.

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