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Now, Apple Device Owners can Access Google Lens from the iOS Search App

Google Lens iOS search app

Google Lens, the image identification and search portal technology, is now supported right inside the iOS search app on Apple handhelds…

Google Lens, the popular search engine’s visual image identification tool, is now accessible right through the Google app on iOS devices.

Google Lens Search iOS App now Directly Accessible

For those unfamiliar, Google Lens is a tool which lets users capture an image of an object in real life and then search for it on the web. For instance, an unknown flower or dog breed. Simply snap a picture and Google Lens will perform a search to match the object.

To access the feature, just go over to the app’s search bar and tap on the Lens icon. The device’s camera will then open and Google will attempt to identify. And, it works on many things, including plants, animals, even text and other images, such as paintings and sculptures.

Previously, Google Lens for iOS could only be accessed through Google Photos. Which meant users had to take a photo and then go into the Lens option to match it with search results. With the change, it makes it easier to get to the function.

The update is now slowly rolling out to iOS devices and will help to close the gap between iOS and Android functionality.

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