January 12, 2022
Google Lessening Chrome Browser's Memory Requirements

Google’s Chrome Browser might soon Require Less Memory (at Least for Some Windows 10 Users)

According to a recent confirmation by a Google engineer, the company’s Chrome browser will not demand as much memory in the near future…

Google’s Chrome browser is notorious for its resource hogging. So much, it’s at the top of the list of users complaints. The tech giant has already made a number of improvements in these areas, but still has a way to go. For instance, it still requires a lot of memory to run properly.

Google Lessening Chrome Browser’s Memory Running Requirements

Now, Google is taking a queue from Microsoft, the same corporation that built its most recent Edge browser release on Chromium. Google will use a technology developed by the software company it calls “Segment Heap.”

Under this form of memory management, Microsoft has seen usage drop by as much as 27 percent in its applications. That’s a substantial improvement and will apply to a variety of situations. However, there’s a catch. Even with this memory management tool in place, it won’t necessarily improve everyone’s experience inside Windows 10. 

Although early experiments have showed freeing up hundreds of megabytes, this won’t be the case in every situation. Though it should help people with limited memory resources, and those who do not have a habit of keeping a plethora of tabs open.

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