July 29, 2021
wrong Google product hotline phone number

Google Goofs, Lists Wrong Number for Its Product Hotline and No One Noticed for Months

Google apparently published a wrong number on multiple pages for a consumer product hotline for months before correcting the error…

It wasn’t all that long ago Google created a product consultation hotline for its devices. However, the number — which appeared on numerous web pages — wasn’t the right one. This mistake lingered for months, according to¬†Android Police.

Google Listed a Wrong Product Hotline Phone Number for Months

The wrong Google customer service number was supposed to offer help with consumers needing information about smart devices. Instead, anyone who dialed the number didn’t reach Big G.

While it didn’t go through to a scandalous entity or to some small, independent business completely unaffiliated with the search company, it didn’t go through at all. The phone number just didn’t work.

Turns out, the mistake is due to a simple typo — Google wrongly listed the number as (855) 244-6378, when the actual number was and is (855) 224-6378.

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