April 9, 2021
Google local events search

Google Local Events Search Overhauled on App, Mobile Web

The Google local events search receives a significant update, on its native app and the mobile web, in the United States for queries about happenings…

Search giant Google just refreshed its local events search for its mobile app and the mobile web in the U.S. Now, it’s easier to discover and learn more about local events with just a quick search.

Google Local Events Search Updated on Native App, Mobile Web

Users can now type or speak a query into the Google app or on the mobile web to see a concise summary of nearby activities. The new experience leverages information from sites such as Eventbrite, Meetup, and more sources. 

“To try it, type in a quick search like, ‘jazz concerts in Austin,’ or ‘art events this weekend’ on your phone. With a single tap, you’ll see at-a-glance details about various options, like the event title, date and time, and location. You can tap ‘more events’ to see additional options. Once you find one that’s up your alley, tap it to find more details or buy tickets directly from the website,” Nishant Ranka, Product Manager explains.

Google local events search examples
Credit: Google

The new Google local events search also features some filters, including time periods, like “today”, “tomorrow”, “next week” and more. By searching “events near me,” users will see planned events right in their own communities and nearby places.

Google also invites event creators to read its official developer guidelines to learn how to promote their events with events structured data. Recently, new Google mobile image search filters appeared, including latest images, GIFs, clip art, and more. Additionally, improvements rolled out to the Android Chrome read pages offline feature.

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