June 21, 2022
Google Local Pack 'Sold Here' label

The Google Local Pack on the Search Results Page now Displays a ‘Sold Here’ Label for Known Items

A new Google Local Pack ‘Sold Here’ label now appears for items the search engine knows are normally available for consumer queries…

Google added a new label to its SERP in the local pack, which appears on both desktop and mobile. It’s simply called “Sold Here,” which apparently shows-up for items the search engine believes are sold in nearby stores.

Google Local Pack ‘Sold Here’ Label Debuts on the SERP

The new feature is similar to the websites mention tag, which first debuted in 2017, also surfacing in the local pack. (That particular label showed searchers certain words or phrases pulled directly from website content.)

This addition isn’t much different. When a searcher looks for a specific product, if it’s known to be sold nearby, Google will include a ‘Sold Here’ label, made conspicuous by a blue and white check mark:

Google Local Pack Sold Here label screenshot

At this time, it’s not exactly known how the search engine brings up the label. It could pull information from ads, garner information from customer reviews, crawl websites, and/or a combination of these tactics and perhaps more.

Although, it’s certainly helpful for consumers and retailers alike. When people search for something and find places to get those items, it’s a win-win. Plus, it reassures consumers Google can help them find what they’re looking for.

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