October 3, 2022
Google making it easier to install apps from third-party stores on Android 12

Google Reveals it is Working on a Way to Make it Easier to Install Apps from 3rd Party Stores on Android 12

Google says it will make it easier for end-users to install mobile applications on Android 12 from third-party stores, starting next year…

At some point next year, Google will introduce Android 12. When the tech company does, the new operating system might be able to safely handle side-loads from third-party sources. In other words, giving Android 12 users the option to download apps from other stores outside the Google Play Store. While this is already true to some extent, it’s not as much as developers would like.

Google Making it Easier to Install Apps from Third-Party Stores on Android 12

Currently, Google (and Apple), only allow app Android app distribution through the official brand stores. Both charge a 30 percent fee to developers for their sales. This includes initial app purchase, along with any in-app purchases. But, Google says that developers would like more options to distribute their products. Speaking of the 30 percent fee, Google says that it will be more aggressive about collecting it. Sameer Samat, Vice President of Android Product Management, writes the following on the official Android Developers blog:

“…some developers have given us feedback on how we can make the user experience for installing another app store on their device even better. In response to that feedback, we will be making changes in Android 12 (next year’s Android release) to make it even easier for people to use other app stores on their devices while being careful not to compromise the safety measures Android has in place. We are designing all this now and look forward to sharing more in the future!”

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