November 12, 2022
Google Maps EV charging station payment support

Google might Add this New Convenience Feature to Google Maps for Drivers

Google is probably about to add a new and useful feature to the Google Maps mobile app, EV charging station payment support…

It looks like Google is working on a new convenience feature for Google Maps. For some time now, Google Maps has displayed EV or electric vehicle charging stations — just as it does with gas stations. But it might gain a little more functionality. 

Google Maps Adds EV Charging Station Payment Support

An examination of the code inside Google Maps version 10.30 reveals a string of commands that would integrate EV charging station payment support, according to XDA Developers.

Said code would make it possible for users to add a form of payment — such as a credit card or debit card — for recharging purposes.

That’s not all, though. The code would also allow Google Maps users to update their vehicle profiles. This way, Maps will only display EV charging stations that are compatible.

Google Maps provides charging station information courtesy of Tesla, Chargepoint, SemaConnect, EVgo, Blink, Chargemaster, Pod Point, and Chargefox.

Although the feature isn’t yet live in stable release, Google will probably announce it sometime in the not-too distant future. That is, if it doesn’t pull the experimental function from the app.

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