September 23, 2020
Google Maps app public profile editing

It’s Now Possible to Manage Public Profiles on Google Maps through the Mobile App

Google Maps users can now update their public profiles through the mobile app, rather than having to rely on the desktop version…

Google just made editing public profiles in Maps much easier. It’s now changeable in the mobile app, instead of being exclusive to the desktop interface.

Google Maps App Public Profile Editing Debuts

The new Google Maps mobile app public profile editing dashboard includes being able to change the user’s publicly-facing name, profile picture, and much more.

It’s a great way to manage information on-the-go, being available on mobile devices without having to rely on a desktop machine.

There’s also more for people who are enrolled in the Google Local Guides program, giving users more granular control over contributions.

Right now, it appears that it’s going live as a serve-side update as people running the same version of Google Maps on different devices don’t all have access.

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