September 11, 2021
Google Maps automatically delete location history

Google Maps Beta Testers are Seeing this New Privacy Option and It could Make its Way to Wide Release

A Google Maps automatically delete location history option appears in the latest beta version, release 10.10, which could become available to all users…

Google regularly releases early versions of its new services to beta testers. The company evaluates how those testers interact with the newer iterations to gauge their usefulness.

Code inside the latest version of Google Maps, 10.10, includes an option to automatically delete location history, which was discovered by 9to5Google.

Google Maps Automatically Delete Location History Option Appears in Beta Version

The new Google Maps automatically delete location history feature is something users with privacy concerns will certainly welcome. But, it’s unknown exactly how the option will work. It’s also unknown how long it will take to delete stored information.

This isn’t the only addition, though. Google Maps 10.10 likewise includes a new Personal events menu, which contains “map annotations and trip suggestions.” Another new tool is “navigation legs,” which lets users see the first and last legs of a trip.

As with all tests run by Google, these features may or may not make it to wide, stable release.

Back in January, Google Maps added car trip departure and arrival times. Thereafter, the company integrated speed limits into the interface.

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