January 12, 2022
Google Maps Blamed for Routing Freight Trucks into Residential Neighborhoods

Google is Helping Truck Drivers Avoid Tolls and It’s Irritating Property Owners in Quiet Neighborhoods

Google Maps is being blamed for routing 18-wheelers into quiet residential neighborhoods, in order to avoid toll roads…

There’s a lot to love about Google Maps. Not only is it super accurate, it sports a number of other features, like finding restaurants, and plenty more. (It’s even morphing into a social network, essentially the successor to Google+.) Yet another nifty function is its ability to avoid tolls, saving drivers a little extra money along their routes. But, that’s precisely what’s got some residential property owners so angry.

Google Maps Blamed for Routing Freight Trucks into Residential Neighborhoods

The Google Maps “avoid tolls” option is apparently causing large trucks to drive down small neighborhood roads. Sometimes, the freight vehicles barely make it in and out or don’t even fit. And of course, cause a lot of noise when traveling past people’s houses. Even though residents complain, there’s not much law enforcement can do about these situations.

Unless a road specifically prohibits large trucks, those streets are public. So, unless drivers break traffic laws, local police and sheriffs’ departments can’t coerce or force 18-wheelers off small, residential community streets. Although, some local law enforcement agencies have reached out to tech companies, requesting they remove such routes from their apps. Obviously, this isn’t an easy (or realistic) task, which means it’s very unlikely there’ll be any such changes.

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