November 26, 2021
Google Maps business review hashtags

Google just Added the Ability to Insert Hashtags into Maps Consumer Business Reviews

Google Maps business review hashtags are here, allowing consumers to assign custom labels to their contributions for others to more easily find…

Google has subtly added a new feature to its Maps business reviews — hashtags. For instance, when people write a review for a local business, they can now include up to five hashtags in their contributions. (Google suggests placing hashtags at the end of the text to make it easier for others to read.)

Google Maps Business Review Hashtags Quietly Debut

Although it’s a new option, for Android, Google Maps’ Local Guides program participants were first made aware of it. In the announcement, contributors were likewise told they have the option to add hashtags to previously published reviews. Of course, Google encourages local guides to include hashtags in future reviews.

The search engine also suggested highlighting local spots with descriptive, specific hashtags such as #goodforselfies and #sunsetviews because general terms like #food or #delicious aren’t helpful to others.

The new Google Maps business review hashtag option comes just a couple of weeks after the company introduced B2C message inclusion. The tech company integrated Google Maps Messages into both Android and iOS, allowing users to see their B2C conversations without having to leave the apps.

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