November 3, 2022
Google Maps car navigation travel times

It’s Now Possible to Set Departure and Arrival Times for Car Trips in Google Maps

Custom Google Maps car navigation travel times are here, allowing users to set departure and arrival times, at least in the latest beta version…

Google Maps tools and options become more and more useful all the time. Recently, the service introduced speed trap icons and audio warnings. It’s also working on integrating a Waze feature, traffic incident reporting. Now, it’s gaining another option — car navigation departure and arrival times.

Google Maps Car Navigation Travel Times Debut

First spotted by Android Police, the new Google Maps car navigation travel times allow users to set custom ranges for departures and arrivals:

Google Maps car navigation departure and arrival times option
Credit: Android Police
google maps car navigation travel times settings
Credit: Android Police

The features has actually long been available on Google Maps desktop but is just now appearing on mobile. (The option did appear in the app, but only for public transporation.)

It’s a small yet welcome addition, given it lets users customize their car travel plans. However, at this time, it remains very simplistic. There’s nothing integrated for contingencies, such as traffic delays and the like. Moreover, there isn’t an option to set a reminder prior to the departure time, which is quite odd.

The new Google Maps car navigation travel time option is now available through beta release in the Google Play Store.

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