November 2, 2022
Google Maps Commute tab

Newly Uncovered Google Maps Test Replaces the Driving and Transit Tabs with This

A new Google Maps Commute tab surfaces on some devices as part of a server-side switch, combing the Driving and Transit tabs into one…

It seems the team over at Google Maps is playing around with a change to the mobile app interface. A new Commute tab now appears, replacing the Driving and Transit tabs, courtesy of a server-side switch, according to Android Police.

Google Maps Commute Tab Test Replaces Driving and Transit Tabs

Many Google Maps users see four bottom tabs: Explore, Driving, Transit, and For You. (Particularly in the United States and other select countries.) However, a change to the dashboard combines two into one. Instead of separate Driving and Transit tabs, there’s a single Commute tab. Tapping it reveals a new interface, containing “To work” and “To home” selections in the upper right side:

Google Maps Commute tab screenshots
Credit: Android Police

The new menu arrangement includes “Commute settings” as the first option, with “Share directions” and “Share your location” as the second and third choices. At the bottom of the side menu is “Route options,” following “All traffic,” “Satellite,” and “Terrain.”

It’s a relatively big change and streamlines the experience. Google Maps also recently began including battery life in its location sharing option. And, some users have reported seeing in-progress public events on the app.