June 22, 2022
Google Maps Dark Mode coming Soon

Google is Finally Adding a Missing Feature to Maps so Many of its Users have Repeatedly Asked For

Google Maps is about to gain an option that many users have requested for quite some time, probably in a near-future release…

Although Google introduced a redesign to Maps recently, and added a couple new tools, it did not incorporate one of the most requested. There’s no question that Google Maps sports a ton of functionality. It can do more than simply help people navigate from one place to another, it’s now even smart enough to predict future traffic jams before they even materialize. But, there’s one key element that’s gone missing, that is, up until now — a dark mode.

Google Maps Dark Mode coming Soon

The folks over at 9to5Google dug into the app’s code, and stumbled onto a pleasant surprise. It appears that Google is ready to build in a dark theme option for Maps. While the current version does go dark, it only does so at night. Otherwise, users are stuck with a bright white theme. In fact, it defies system-wide settings that are both available on Android and iOS.

However, that’s about to change. With an upcoming release of Google Maps, there will be a dark theme. It appears from the updated code that it will require manual activation. There are three options: a system-wide follow, a dark mode, and a light theme. The first will obey either Android or iOS’s system-wide settings, which users can select in the main operating system’s settings. Meanwhile, the other two allow users to set the app to go dark constantly, or stay light.

Although Google has added a dark option to many of its apps, Maps has remained one of the few without it. But, with the coming change, users will enjoy a little less eye strain and a little more battery life.

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