June 20, 2021
Google Maps desktop appointment notifications

Now, Google Maps for Desktop Notifies Users when to Leave for Appointments

Google Maps desktop appointment notifications are now an actual option, giving people the heads-up, when it’s time to leave…

Here’s a helpful tip. Google apparently gave Maps users a new option, though the search engine didn’t explicitly announce it. Quietly tucked away on a support page, there are directions for enabling Notifications for the web or desktop.

Google Maps Desktop Appointment Notifications now Available

This is certainly a handy feature, which helps to solve a common problem. Working away at a desk or simply browsing while at home, it’s very easy to miss a notification from a device that’s in another part of the house or office. Or, device alerts drown out by room noise. So, it makes sense to provide reminders in more than one place. 

Google Maps first turned on notifications for the web in January but only as prompts for Local Guides to share more contributions. And now, event notifications are available to all.

When enabled, maps syncs with Google Calendar and then checks locations. If an appointment is imminent, a notification will appear on desktop or laptop, complete with a departure time which factors in current traffic conditions.

It’s a great backup, should a mobile device fail to surface the notification and particularly useful to those who largely work with a desktop or laptop for most of the day.

To turn Google Maps desktop/laptop appointment notifications on, simply go to Google Maps on the web. Sign into the service, if necessary. Then, click the hamburger menu at the top left. Scroll down to “Notifications” and click on the icon. Then, toggle on “Time to leave.”