October 1, 2022
Google Maps Explore tab shortcuts

Google is Testing Doubling its Shortcut Buttons in the Google Maps Explore Tab

Google Maps Explore tab shortcuts might double in count sometime in the future as the company tests a new user interface for the app…

Anyone who opens the Google Maps app on their mobile device immediately sees four shortcut icons. These currently include: Restaurants, Coffee, Events, and More. (Others also appear but occupy the four same places.)

Now, Google might change this up, thanks to a new test of the UI or user interface.

Google Maps Explore Tab Doubles its Shortcut Buttons

The Google Maps shortcut buttons help people quickly find destinations with just a tap or two. But, only four icons isn’t ostensibly enough, at least that’s what the team at Google Maps seems to think.

The crew over at Android Police has received tips, letting them know Google is working on a possible change.

With the newest iteration, the number of Google Maps Explore buttons double, going from four to eight. This allows users to more quickly find on-demand information when looking for something.

It could probably be helpful in unfamiliar locations but it also represents a potential friction point. Those who aren’t antiquated with the app might not know information for a particular search is also available simply by typing it in the search field.

Of course, this is only a test and there’s no guarantee the changes will make it to wide, stable release.

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