August 4, 2021
Google Maps food takeout and delivery

Google Pushes its Maps’ Takeout and Delivery Shortcuts to the Forefront

Google Maps now more conspicuously shows nearby restaurant take away and delivery options, putting the shortcuts in plain sight…

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has had an immense effect on how people live their lives. With increased shut downs of restaurants and other similar businesses, grocery stores and home goods stores are struggling to keep products on their shelves. Most restaurants now rely solely on takeout and delivery. And, because options are limited, Google is helping people out by showing them what’s close by.

Google Maps Food Takeout and Delivery Shortcuts Now Highlighted

Google is rolling out highlighted shortcut buttons for takeout and delivery in the main interface of the Google Maps mobile application. (These aren’t new, just moved to the forefront, where they are more easily found.) The highlighted shortcuts work for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, as well as some other locations. 

It’s a small yet very important change. Unfortunately, it’s not integrated with delivery services, like Uber Eats or DoorDash. But, it does help users to quickly find available choices in their areas without having to hunt and peck through several menu options.

The newly highlighted takeout and delivery shortcuts for Google Maps is appearing on both Android and iOS. It’s also showing up in the United States and is seemingly live in France.

Google Maps takeout and delivery
Credit: 9to5Google

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