April 12, 2021
Google Maps globe

Google Maps for Desktop now Shows a Globe instead of a Flat Earth

The Google Maps globe is now live for desktop, replacing the two-dimensional “Mercator” which ostensibly showed a disproportionate flat earth on zoom-out…

Search giant Google just ditched its 2D representation of the earth on Google Maps. For many years, it’s shown a disproportionate depiction of the planet. Now, that’s come to an end, at least for its desktop experience.

Google Maps Globe goes Live for the Web

Google Maps is the most popular navigation tool of its kind. But, until now, it’s offered an inaccurate picture of earth when users zoom out. Today, the Google Maps globe debuts, the company announced in a tweet:

As a result, “Greenland’s projection is no longer the size of Africa,” the company points out. This, although minor, is important because it previously made the world’s largest island, Greenland, appear as nearly the same size as the vast continent of Africa. (Greenland is 836,300 square miles, while the continent of Africa is 11.73 million square miles.) Now, with the new Google Maps globe, there’s a far more accurate representation between the two land masses.

Presently, this change is only viewable on desktop, for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It’s not yet available on mobile apps, but will likely appear in the future.