June 23, 2022
Google Maps Group Planning

Google Maps now Helps People Plan Group Events

Google Maps Group Planning lets users suggest and vote on destinations for events, like eating out, entertainment, and more…

Search giant Google first announced a group planning option back at Google I/O 2018 in May of this year. Now, the Google Maps Group Planning feature is beginning to roll out. The tool allows users to create a shortlist of destinations, like restaurants, parks, or other destinations so they can vote on where to meet-up. This makes planning much easier, forgoing the need to text back and forth, sending a slew of links.

Google Maps Group Planning Feature going Live

The new Google Maps Group Planning option is simple to use. Just long-press on one or more locations, then drag the selection(s) into a shortlist. Invited family and friends then see the suggestions and vote with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Google Maps keeps score and any group member can add his or her own suggestion(s).

Credit: Google

The new Google Maps Group Planning feature is just one among other announced by the company. Some have already launched, like the “For You” tab, which suggests nearby destinations users might be interested in visiting. The search entity is currently working on an augmented reality Street View for Google Maps, a tool that overlays directions onto a live feed from a phone’s camera.

The new Google Maps Group Planning tool is now available, rolling out to Android and iOS, starting today.

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