September 19, 2022
Google Maps hotel listings overhaul

Latest Google Maps Hotel Listings Update includes New Features, Removes some Useful Tools

A fresh Google Maps hotel listings overhaul debuts a few new changes but removes some familiar options, ultimately delivering a solid experience…

Google continues to apply its Material Design elements to more and more of its products. Now, Google Maps is getting the treatment. 

Google Maps Hotel Listings Overhaul going Live

Recently, an update helps people better plan their work commute and beyond. It even now includes a way to help people plan group events. Now, through what appears like a server-side switch, Google Maps hotel listings sports some new stuff. But, it’s also shed a few tools.

What’s most noticeable is the change to the interface, placing the Call, Directions, and Copy Link buttons at the top under the hotel listing. The Book a Room button is also more prominently displayed. While Overview, Prices, Reviews, and Photos, have all been moved below the header.

Another change is a conspicuous “Check Availability” ad which appears with Check-in and Check-out fields. Additionally, there’s booking sites right underneath.

Curiously, the Q&A section isn’t present, but there is now a price insights feature, which shows room rates over a period of time. And, it’s now possible to book a room for 1 to 4 people. (Previously, it defaulted to two.)

The Reviews section is likewise different, with a completely different layout. Plus, there’s a new location tool which shows off the surrounding area so users know what amenities are nearby.

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