August 5, 2021
Google Maps in-progress public events

Some Users Seeing In-Progress Public Events on Google Maps

Google Maps in-progress public events information is showing-up for some users, while others have yet to see it display…

Google Maps is showing in-progress public events. At least, for some users, while others haven’t seen the experience. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of the feature over the weekend.

Google Maps In-Progress Public Events Info Surfacing for Some Users

The screen capture, clearly shows two in-progress public events: the National Cherry Blossom Festival and Walk for Epilepsy. (Both display in conspicuous text and marked “Now.”)

Google Maps in-progress public events
Credit: mustkillfriends

Other users took to Reddit to report also seeing it, while others state they cannot trigger the tool. Even some users have said they’ve see the alert for years. But, the number of comments and upvotes strongly suggests it’s only appearing to a limited group of people.

Google already highlights routes for popular events like the Boston Marathon and Tour de France. However, this appears to be the first time the app actually displays in-progress events.

The latest beta release of Google Maps contains traffic notifications and public transit maps, as well as bike sharing.