July 24, 2021
Google Maps traffic incident reports

Google Maps begins Displaying Waze-Like Traffic Incident Reports for Some Users

Waze-like Google Maps traffic incident reports are surfacing for a limited group of users, possibly as a server-side test or a new feature addition…

Google’s own subsidiary GPS navigation software, Waze, sports one advantage over Maps — user input and interaction. Waze users are able to report vehicle collisions, road closures, law enforcement detail, and more. All this helps other users, making the app very popular. Now, that exclusivity could well be changing. 

Google Maps Traffic Incident Reports Now Displaying for Some Users

People are beginning to report seeing Google Maps traffic incident reports. The code for such a feature first appeared in version 9.79. Now, it seems it’s going live. The prompts include road sign icons, complete with an explanation, time of last update, and three user reporting options, “Yes,” “No,” and “Not Sure.”

Google Maps traffic incident reports screenshots
Credit: Android Police

The code previously uncovered also supported reporting automobile collisions, speed cameras, and traffic enforcement. Combined, these are very helpful features for Google Maps, whether users are on daily commutes, taking road trips, or simply running errands around town. (Recently, some users have reported seeing in-progress public events.)

Waze was previously one of just a few others in the mobile mapping sector. Google acquired Waze in 2013. But, it’s only now Google appears to actually be integrating its most useful feature.

Currently, there’s no word if this is a simple server-side switch, a limited test, or will become part of the next stable, wide release.

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