October 1, 2022
Google Maps Incognito Mode

Google is Testing an Incognito Mode for Google Maps with a Limited Group of Users

Google Maps Incognito Mode is now under testing with a limited group of testers, bringing another important feature to the platform…

Just about four months ago, Google announced a new Incognito Mode for Maps at Google I/O. The company is now testing the option, with a small group. Some members of that group have sent out pictures, giving the public a look.

Google Maps Incognito Mode Test Sent to Preview Group

The new Google Maps Incognito Mode works just how one would think it does. It triggers the familiar grey theme, with a banner that reads, “Incognito mode is on.”

Once enabled, it functions just like Incognito Mode on Chrome. It does not save browsing history and allows for private use.

It’s currently available on Preview Maps users, running version 10.26 or later. 

Credit: Google

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