October 27, 2021
iOS Google Maps incognito mode arrives

Google Starts Rolling Out Incognito Mode to iOS (and Android User get a New Timeline Bulk Delete Option)

Google is starting to bring its Incognito Mode to iOS mobile devices and the company is also releasing a new privacy feature for Android…

It’s no longer necessary to have an Android device in order to benefit from Incognito Mode on Google Maps. The tech company is beginning to roll the feature out to iOS, giving more people access to search locations, addresses, and navigate without leaving digital records behind on their accounts or Location History.

Google Maps iOS Mobile App Incognito Mode Debuts

In late September, Google began testing Incognito Mode for Google Maps on Android and it debuted in November.

The new Google Maps Incognito Mode for iOS works just the same way. It triggers the familiar grey theme, with a banner that reads, “Incognito mode is on.”

Once enabled, it functions just like Incognito Mode on Chrome. It does not save browsing history and allows for private use.

This comes in handy this time of year, particularly for procrastinators, who might be trying to find gifts without anyone stumbling onto their digital activities.

Additionally, Google will add another level of granular control to the Timeline tool in Maps for Android devices. It’s a bulk deletion feature so people can quickly remove groups of visited places. The coming Timeline bulk delete option will also be quickly accessible, so it’s not necessary to go deep into Settings and specify date ranges.

Google Maps iOS mobile app incognito mode debuts
Credit: Google

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