August 14, 2020
Google Maps to highlight well-lit streets

Google Maps is About to Reveal a New Feature that Shines a Light on Dark Streets

Google is working on bringing a new, helpful feature to Maps that will assist people in navigating along the best lit routes…

Sometimes, there are tools missing from utilitarian apps we just don’t miss because nobody really thinks about including them.

For instance, when Google integrated speed limits in Android Auto and Maps, it was something that many users felt should be there all along. The same thing went for traffic incident reporting, which Google expanded by adding more options earlier this year, to include speed traps, road obstructions, disabled vehicles, and more.

Now, Google is about to add another tool to Maps. But this time, its one that the public didn’t think to ask about integrating — street lighting.

Google Maps to Map Out Unlit and Poorly Illuminated Streets

Street lighting is something people just don’t factor into their late night errands or overnight travel. That is, until experiencing such challenging environments. Only then, does it become an obvious problem. After all, inadequately lit streets are far more than mere inconveniences — they are real life safety hazards that pose genuine danger to people and property alike.

But, Google has a solution — Maps will help people avoid streets without lighting or suffer from poor lighting.

At this point, it’s unknown how Google will gather such information. But then again, the company is well-known for its data collection prowess.

Right now, there are no screenshots to give us a glimpse of how the feature will work. However, it is known that the update will highlight well-lit streets with a yellow color. This ought to be a strong enough visual indicator to give people the information needed to stay away from poorly lit areas.

The feature will first be available in India while Google tests it in an initially limited roll out. From there, we’ll probably see it make its way to other regions. Eventually, it might even go global.

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