June 18, 2021
Google Maps live trip sharing

Google Maps Overhauls Live Trip Sharing Feature for Android and iOS

Google Maps live trip sharing gets an update for Android which will also come to the iOS app, as the company continues to tweak the experience…

Google has done a lot for its Maps product in recent months. In fact, it’s hotel listings includes new features. It’s also received Material Design update, now helps people plan group events, and their commutes. Google Maps even suggests places to park and shares battery life when sharing locations. 

Google Maps Live Trip Sharing Updates Rolling Out

One particularly useful feature that’s present in Lyft and other ride-sharing, which is ETA sharing. Now, Google Maps has an improved version of this option. Plus, it works with third-party apps:

“Today’s update also allows for sharing across 3rd party apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, and more—so you can communicate with friends on the platforms you prefer.”

By activating the tool, recipients see the users’ progress on a live map, along with name, avatar, and current mode of transportation. Moreover, it includes destination and current on-device batter life. (It also works for those who are on foot, walking and riding bicycles.)

The new Google Maps live trip sharing feature is now out in the Play Store and will soon come to the iOS app.

Credit: Google Maps

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