August 7, 2022
Google Maps Local Guides

Google Maps Local Guides Program Receiving New Levels, Badges, and More

The Google Maps Local Guides programs will soon include new levels, badges, and more contributor incentives, giving them greater recognition in searches……

Google is about to make its Google Maps Local Guides program more rewarding for contributors who add helpful local information. For those unfamiliar with the program, Google Maps Local Guides allows contributors to add reviews, photos, and update location information to help others and improve accuracy.

Google Maps Local Guides Program Receiving Additional Levels, Badges, and More

The Google Maps Local Guide program first launched in 2014. Since that time, the program has grown to include over 30 million contributors worldwide. People who sign up to become Local Guides earn points and receive badges for contributing information. Incentives include early access to new Google Maps features, exclusive contests, as well as events, and various perks.

“Since 2014, our Local Guides community has grown to more than 30 million contributors. Once you sign up to be a Local Guide, every contribution you make to Google Maps earns you points towards unlocking something new—like early access to new Google Maps features, exclusive contests, events and perks. Over the next few days we’re rolling out updates to the Local Guides program, including a new point system, new levels that unlock different kinds of perks, and new ways to earn points,” Laura Slabin, Local Guides Director, explains.

Previously, the program included five levels. Now, it’s expanding to ten levels. Levels 4 through 10 earn unique badges, providing registered Local Guides with new ways to earn recognition in search. Specific contribution types earn more. For instance, being the first to add a place to the map and leaving reviews. In the new program, Local Guides will earn points for fact checking and rating places.

In April, Google Maps began cracking down on fake listings. And, in February, Google Maps launched real-time traffic, along with other new features.

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