September 14, 2021
Google Maps location sharing user interface redesign

Google Updates Google Maps Location Sharing Experience

Google has improved the look of its location sharing feature on Google Maps, though the functionality remains largely the same as before…

Chances are excellent that even regular Google Maps users are unaware of a good number of its features. One somewhat obscure option is a location sharing tool that allows someone to share their route and whereabouts with others. It’s helpful in several situations, but it’s always been a bit meh in its aesthetics. Now, it has a new and improved look, making it a little more intuitive to use.

Google Maps Location Share UI Redesign Rolls Out

The new Google Maps location sharing user interface is a lot less colorful and prominent than the previous experience. Available by tapping on the user profile picture or avatar on the home screen, it highlights its purpose with a floating “New share” button. (Previously, the sharing icon resided at the top, with a small icon.)

It looks more in-line with Google’s Material Design elements, which the company has applied to a number of its interfaces, including Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Keep, and many more. It seems like the new look is tied to the most recent update, version 10.40.2, but could also be pushed out via a server-side change.

Google Maps location sharing interface redesign
Credit: Android Police
Right: Old / Left: New

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