September 23, 2022
Google Maps location sharing

Google Maps Location Sharing Now includes Device’s Battery Life

Google Maps location sharing now also shares battery life between parties, adding a clever and quite useful feature to the mobile app…

One underrated feature of Google Maps is location sharing. It allows people to share where they are so other can easily find them. Now, the application discloses something new when users enable location sharing — battery life. The option was first spotted by Android Police in an APK teardown of beta version 9.71. And, it’s available on both Android and iOS.

Google Maps Location Sharing-Battery Life Sharing, goes Live

It’s a very helpful addition, given that if people are looking for one another and someone’s battery is dead, it explains why they aren’t answering their phone. It’s also useful when visiting family or friends out-of-town in a somewhat or completely unfamiliar place. Moreover, it people will worry less because they can see someone has arrived at their intended location, although without enough charge to sustain a phone call.

Google Maps location sharing battery life

The feature was first spotted back in February. Now, it appears to have made it to wide release for the native app. Recently, the desktop version of Google Maps began notifying users of when it’s time to leave for appointments. Also, an apparent test started surfacing Waze-like traffic incident reports in Maps. That feature followed a similar one, spotted back in April, which displayed in-progress public events.

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