June 23, 2022
Android Google Maps Material Design

More Material Theme Elements begin Appearing on Google Maps for Android

Android Google Maps Material Design are now showing up more widely on mobile devices, giving the interface an updated look…

Google continues to incrementally apply its Material Design to its many products. One such example is Google Maps, which has received bit and pieces. Apparently, a recent server-side update is making more changes to the app’s interface for Android.

Google Maps Material Design Refresh Rolling Out more Widely

A few tipsters at Android Police have seen such changes to their mobile devices. It’s showing up in the search section of the application. These changes don’t impact functionality. Instead, apply to the overall look and feel.

As with others which have gotten the Material Theme treatment, buttons are rounded, shortcut icons have changed, along with the appearanceĀ of the Google Sans font.

It’s not all just about aesthetics, though. The “Choose on Maps” button is now located to the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, there’s no a whole lot of difference, save its visuals. And, like others which have already received the makeover, there’s a lot of white.

Android Google Maps Material Theme screenshots
Credit Android Police

Google applied the Material Design elements to Translate on desktop back in November. The company also did the same for Photos on the web.

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