January 14, 2022
Google Maps Material Design

New Google Maps Material Design Elements Rolling Out

New Google Maps Material Design elements are now rolling out widely, with a revamped Explore tab, more white space, and other changes…

For some time now, Google has been applying its Material Design elements to a number of its products. These include Google News, YouTube, Drive, and its web browser, Chrome. Now, the company’s Material Design style is hitting Google Maps.

Google Maps Material Redesign Rolling Out

One of the most noticeable changes is there’s a lot more white. It’s clean and helps to declutter the interface. The search bar is now rounded and most of the buttons are no longer rectangular with rounded edges. Also, the font is different, likely Product Sans. Additionally, many icons have changed. But, both the Driving and Transit sections functionality remain mostly unchanged.

Meanwhile, the Explore tab shows the biggest departure from the old experience. It now contains new, colored, circular icons at the top, sorted into categories. Plus, there’s now a scrollable carousel, featuring different restaurant types, along with a public list link:

Google Maps Material Design

Going further into the Explore section reveals additional lists. There’s also an upcoming events area (pictured above to the right), which previously appeared in the old interface. What’s even more impressive, is the new extensive listing by Categories. These include “Food & Drink,” “Things to do,” “Shopping,” and “Services,” as pictured below:

Google Maps Material Design Explore section categories

Tapping on any of these expands to include location, follow and share options, as well as more information. It’s quite extensive and features a number of handy features, tucked inside.

The new Google Maps Material Design elements are supported on version 9.80.2.

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