October 1, 2022
Google Maps B2C chat messages

Google Maps will Soon Support Instant Messaging for B2C Chats

Google Maps B2C chat messages might come to the mobile user interface to help customers connect with businesses when needed…

There’s no question about the prowess of Google Maps. It’s useful for a variety of features, including over-the-road travel, local commutes, as well as locating restaurants, shops, gas stations, and more. In the near future, Google Maps could even support instant messaging. But, not in the way one would initially think.

Google Maps Messages to Support B2C Chats

Reddit user sanju2cool recently spotted the option in the mobile app menu. It appears Google is conducting a test and as usual, only select users can see it:

Credit: sanju2cool

However, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill messaging feature. Instead, it’s specifically for B2C communications. That’s particularly handy when certain information isn’t available online and getting in-touch becomes necessary.

Of course, businesses will need to opt into the service for consumers to use it. Currently, the tool doesn’t work with personal contacts. Although, there’s no guarantee that won’t change in the future. But, it’s not necessary because there are already a plethora of apps to handle peer-to-peer communication.

Meanwhile, Google continues to make improvements to Maps. For instance, the company integrated a Waze-like traffic incident reporting tool back in December. Google also added speed enforcement reporting in November and new commute features back in October.

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