November 9, 2022
Google Maps motorcycle mode debuts in India

Google Introduces a Motorbike Mode in Google Maps, Starting in India, Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia

Google is starting to roll out a new motorcycle mode on Google Maps, beginning with some select markets, with more likely to come…

There are still many portions of the world that rely on motorcycles, scooters, and similar kinds of transportation. So, Google is helping people in those markets out by introducing a new motorbike mode. 

Google Maps Motorcycle Mode Debuts in India, Egypt, Expanding to Algeria and Tunisia

The new Google Maps motorcycle mode is now live in India and Egypt, with Algeria and Tunisia to follow.

It shows up on the mobile app between car and train, followed by walking and ride-sharing. As usual, Google Maps displays helpful route information, including traffic, fastest route, parking availability, and step-by-step directions.

Google has been busy adding new tools to Maps recently. It just added Incognito Mode to iOS, now highlights the best-lit streets, introduced a “For You” section, pronounces local destination spot names in native languages, as well as finds the most popular tourist stops.

It’s unknown whether or not Google will integrate this feature into Maps in more developed markets.

Here’s a couple of screenshots, courtesy of Android Police:

Google Maps motorbike mode screenshots
Credit: Google / Android Police

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