September 10, 2021
Google Maps on-screen speedometer

Google Maps Now Displays Vehicle Speed while Driving

A long-awaited Google Maps on-screen speedometer is now beginning to appear in some countries, taking another feature from subsidiary Waze…

Google purchased Waze for $966 million in 2013. Since that time, Google Maps users (and later on, Android Auto users), have waited patiently for a number of useful features to come over. Now, a speedometer is showing up when driving.

Google Maps On-Screen Speedometer Debuts

It’s actually part of a recent trend to bring more Waze tools to Google Maps. In April, Google Maps started showing traffic congestion. Before that, Google Maps added speed limits in January.

Joining those is a new Google Maps on-screen speedometer. And, it’s available in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, the UK, and the US, according to Android Police.

Although, it doesn’t just magically appear when driving. Instead, users must toggle it on, through the Navigation Settings in the menu. It works with Android Auto but not everyone will see it in-action at this time.

It’s probably rolling out via server-side switch and if so, will take more time to reach all users.

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