July 28, 2021
Google Maps parking space suggestions

Google Maps can Now Suggest Places to Park when Out-and-About

Google Maps parking space suggestions are now surfacing on the mobile app, with no apparent way to manually initiate the feature…

There’s no question it’s generally difficult to pinpoint exactly when new tools go live. Especially when it’s a Google product involved. But, it appears there’s a new feature in its mapping app. Google Maps parking space suggestions are probably the latest on the list. 

Google Maps Parking Space Suggestions Surface

The (apparently) new Google Maps parking space suggestion option is now showing up — at least for some users. It comes in the form of a notification which suggests a parking spot along a route:

Google Maps parking space suggestions screenshot
Credit: Android Police / Kyle Lucy

The Google Maps parking space suggestions surface when enroute to a destination. (It isn’t something which can be toggled on prior to departure.) And, it only shows up for a few seconds. If the user doesn’t act on the suggestion, it disappears.

Some users have reported seeing the feature in the past couple of months, according to Android Police. But, it’s unclear if this is a test, only including a select group of users or it’s in wide roll out. It is possible this is merely a temporary test. However, if it’s popping up for the past several weeks, it could well be a permanent addition to Google Maps.

It certainly is a handy tool, regardless of its status. Hopefully, it will remain a mainstay within the app.

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