November 4, 2022
Google Maps pronounces foreign destinations in local languages

Google Maps can Now Pronounce Local Destination Spot Names in Local Languages

Google Maps can now pronounce local place names in native languages for travelers, making getting to destinations a bit easier…

With modern technology, it’s easier and easier to rely on navigation apps to get from place to place in a foreign country. But, it’s still quite difficult to speak the names of places in the local dialect (or just in a standard foreign language). So, Google has a new solution.

Google Maps Now Pronounces Foreign Destination Names in Local Languages

Now, Google Maps can pronounce the names of places for travelers in the native tongue, saving them the embarrassment and confusion of trying to do it on their own.

Just tap on the speaker that’s next to the destination and Google Maps will speak the name aloud in the local lingo. If this isn’t sufficient, use the new integration with Google Translate to speak out whole sentences. (Both apps must be installed on the device for the latter function to work.)

Laszlo de Brissac, Product Manager for Google Maps explains:

“…when you’re in a foreign country where you don’t speak or read the language, getting around can still be difficult — especially when you need to speak with someone. Think about that anxiety-inducing time you tried to talk to a taxi driver, or that moment you tried to casually ask a passerby for directions.

To help, we’re bringing Google Maps and Google Translate closer together. This month, we’re adding a new translator feature that enables your phone to speak out a place’s name and address in the local lingo.”

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