January 16, 2022
Google Maps reviews keyword search

It’s Now Possible to Search for Keywords in Google Maps Reviews

The Google Maps reviews keyword search function is now up and running on the mobile platform for Android and iOS devices…

While Google Maps provides excellent directions and location information, the reviews are a truly great resource. But, it’s often difficult to get to the nitty-gritty with so many people’s opinions. To find key information about a given location, Google Maps now sports keyword search.

Google Maps Reviews Keyword Search goes Live

With the latest version of Google Maps, users can easily find particular bits of information. The newest iteration contains a search bar to filter reviews by keyword. The new search box appears right above the reviews, so it’s easy to find and use. Plus, there are sorting options to make it more organized. (Meaning users can sort by the newest reviews, most helpful, and more.)

Such a feature gives users the power to search for a particular dish in a restaurant or product in a retail store. So, it’s very helpful to have on-the-go, readily available through a smartphone.

The new Google Maps keyword search function is now live on Android and iOS. However, it doesn’t appear on the web at this time.

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