September 16, 2022
Google Maps search results ads

Google Maps now Inserts Ads into Its Search Results

Google Maps search results ads appear to now be a reality, opening yet another possible revenue stream for the tech company…

There’s a new development with Google Maps. A handy service, with approximately 2 billion monthly users, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. Recently, it introduced battery life with location sharing, added appointment notifications for desktop, and is even testing Waze-like traffic incident reports

Google Maps Search Results Ads now Surfacing

While all this is good, a new addition might just make it out to wide release. A user posted on Reddit a screenshot of a search result containing an ad:


Although Google certainly has the right to monetize this platform, some queries should not trigger ads. (Particularly in the case when someone is searching for an emergency room and time is of the essence.) The user posted this commentary along with the screenshot: 

“This ad in ’emergency room near me’ is way farther than the second option. In a panic, you might hit directions for option A and end up spending an extra 15 minutes on the road.”

Another Reddit user agreed with the poster:

“These new ads in maps are infuriating – can’t turn it off and it’s messing with my ability to search for what I really want. Some the ads don’t make sense either and are a stretch to be relevant to what I’m searching for.”

Google started testing landmark-based directions on Maps back in April. The app began surfacing restaurant wait times back in November of last year.

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