January 26, 2022
Google Maps Share Sheet is Now Missing Several Share Options

This Critical Google Maps Feature has Suddenly Disappeared without Explanation

Google Maps has inexplicably lost a key tool, with very little recourse to gain it back, so a fix is sorely needed from the tech giant…

A week ago, Google started to release Android 11. It began with select Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo and realme phones, with others to come. It’s been months since the company introduced the new OS in beta and the final version finally arrived. As expected, it came with a few new tricks but it wasn’t by any means a comprehensive overhaul. Unfortunately, it might have contained a bug or two and one could be affecting Google Maps.

Google Maps Share Sheet is Now Missing Several Share Options

Google says with the roll out of Android 11, users will enjoy improved device and media controls, the ability to manage conversations in one place, have more control over privacy, as well as access to built-in screen recording. However, some are blaming the updated OS for a new problem with Google Maps. That being, the share menu in the navigation app has suddenly been stripped of several options.

Some users are no longer seeing all the apps to share a place on Google Maps. Instead, they are limited to Nearby Share, Bluetooth, and copy to clipboard. The other apps, which previously populated in the share menu, are gone. Fortunately, there is one possible solution, according to a thread on Google’s forums. Deleting the navigation app and re-installing it sometimes fixes the issue, but not always. Hopefully, Google will push out an update that will reconcile the problem with Maps.

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