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One of Google Map’s Most Useful Features just Started to Roll Out to More Countries

Google Maps Speed Limit Indicator Expands Roll Out to More Users

Credit: 234Star

One of the best and most long-awaited features of Google Maps made its debut last year and is now expanding to more markets around the world…

Back in late January of last year, Google finally added a much-desired and long-anticipated feature to Google Maps for Android. Initially, it only debuted in certain countries, like the United States, but never made its way to other regions, or even over to iOS. Curiously, even in some of the markets in which it made an appearance, it disappeared not long afterwards. Now, it looks as though it is getting a wide roll out across many countries around the globe.

Google Maps Speed Limit Indicator Expands Roll Out to More Users

While many navigation apps have this feature prominently displayed since launch, Google Maps only added it in 2019, despite the fact it was present on Waze, a Google subsidiary of many years. Still it remained absent for quite some time, even though it was among one of the most requested features.

The Google Maps speed limit indicator showed up early last year on Android, but did not receive a wide roll out at the time. Now, people around the world are seeing it and taking to social media to post screenshots.

Recently, users in Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Netherlands, and Scotland have begun reporting seeing the Google Maps speed limit indicator, some for the very first time experiencing it in person.

Right now, it’s only appearing on Android, which is quite common to how Google adds new features, releasing it on one platform before porting it over to another. So, is probably only a matter of time before iOS users begin to see it for themselves.

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