November 2, 2022
Google Maps taxi route deviation alerts

Google Maps Experiments with a New Warning Alerting Taxi Passengers when Drivers go Off Route

Google is testing a new feature that alerts taxi passengers when drivers deviate from the planned route in Google Maps…

Tech giant Google is now experimenting with a new tool apparently exclusive to India. It’s a feature in Google Maps which alerts passengers when drivers go off their route by more than 500 meters or 0.3 miles.

Google Maps Testing Taxi Route Deviation Alerts

The test option, first spotted by XDA Developers, resides in the “Stay safer” menu under, “Off-route alerts.”

It works by users setting their destinations before they enter into navigation mode. 

Google clearly regards this as a safety feature, given its name. Although, it’s unclear how it works. After all, taxi drivers might take a different route to avoid congestion, collisions, construction, and for other legitimate reasons.

But, it’s certainly helpful to people traveling in an unfamiliar location since there are unscrupulous taxi drivers who intentionally take longer routes to drive up fares.

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