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Google Maps Timeline Comes to iOS Users

Google Maps Timeline

The Google Maps Timeline, familiar to Android and desktop users, is now available on iOS, for people to track their history on Apple devices…

The Google Maps Timeline feature, once only found on Android and desktop devices, now comes to iOS. This tool allows users to track their movements, assigned to days, with search capabilities.

Google Maps Timeline Rolls Out to iOS Users

For some time, Android and desktop users could easily access their travels, local and longer, within the Google Maps Timeline. Located in the hamburger menu under “Your timeline,” the feature records places users visit. “Starting today, Google Maps users on iOS can join in on the fun and see a daily snapshot of their life as well,” Product Manager Gerard Sanz writes.

Credit: Google

Google also states the Maps Timeline feature provides users with the ability to control information. Users are able to quickly edit any location for accuracy, delete an entire day, delete a date range, or all history at any time desired. Additionally, users can customize modes of transportation, as well as activities. 

“You can now quickly access Your Timeline from the place cards of locations or businesses you’ve previously visited. So if you went to Point Reyes National Seashore a few days ago, the dates of your past visits will appear on the place card (only visible to you). From there you can tap directly into Your Timeline to get the dates and details of your visits and rediscover the experience.”

The feature also offers a monthly email recap, summarizing which cities, states, countries, and places users visited. Users can opt to turn the email summary on or off at any time.

In February, the company introduced a new Google Maps offline saving and sharing feature. Back in January, Google Maps introduced parking information for twenty-five markets on Android.

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