December 9, 2021
Google Maps traffic collision and speed enforcement reporting

Google Maps Integrates Two More Key Features from Waze

Google Maps traffic collision and speed enforcement reporting appear for some users in a limited test, taking two more key tools from subsidiary Waze…

Since Google acquired crowd-souring traffic reporting app back in 2103 for $966 million, some of its features have been added to Google Maps.

Google Maps Traffic Collision and Speed Enforcement Test Spotted

Back in June, Google Maps started surfacing traffic incident reports. Now, more people are seeing the tool show-up in Maps. Additionally, at least one other user reports seeing a speed trap alert in Google Maps. Take a look at the following screenshots of the UI. It contains both a crash and speed trap reporting tool icons at the bottom:

Google Maps traffic collision and speed enforcement

However, the user report about the speed enforcement states it only works when actively using the navigation option. Meaning, users must be using directions for it to appear. (Otherwise, it doesn’t surface.)

As with all preliminary tests, there’s no guarantee if these features will make their way out to wide, stable release. But, it seems a likely move, given Google owns Waze and integrating more of its key elements go into Google Maps.

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