November 2, 2022
Google Maps traffic congestion reporting

Google Maps takes Another Tool from Waze, Adds Traffic Congestion Reporting Feature

Google Maps traffic congestion reporting is on its way to Android, borrowing yet another function from subsidiary Waze…

No one likes running into traffic jams or even slowdowns on the road. Helpful reports are a great way to be in-the-know before getting out on the street.

Waze, a crowd-sourcing traffic app, does precisely that but the same feature hasn’t showed up in Google Maps. (This, even though Google owns Waze.)

Now, it appears it will make its way over, according to a recent report by 9to5Google.

Google Maps Traffic Congestion Reporting Option Rolling Out for Android

The Google Maps traffic congestion reporting option is live in the latest Android app version. Until now, Google Maps users could report road collisions, law enforcement checkpoints, and even speed enforcement. However, there was no way to inform fellow drivers of a traffic jam or slowdown.

With the latest iteration of the Google Maps app, this changes. It’s rolling out this week for Android but there’s no official word on when it will also show-up in iOS.

The platform gained speed limits back in January. Google Maps added drive trips departure and arrival times, as well.

Google initially debuted incident reporting for Google Maps back in December. 

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