September 15, 2022
Google Maps Traffic Light Test Underway

Google might Bring a Very Handy Apple Maps Feature to Maps (but It’s Not Guaranteed)

It appears Google Maps is toying with adding a new tool to its popular navigation platform, one that a rival introduced about a year ago…

Here’s something a bit unusual. Google is seemingly taking a trick from one of its chief rivals. With the launch of iOS 14, Apple copied at least five features from Android. And, that’s the way it typically happens. But, it appears to be the opposite case with a tool Apple added to its Maps interface with the release of iOS 13 last year.

Google Maps Traffic Light Test Underway

Google is testing new traffic light icons. At this time, they are small and there’s no information or instructions about their existence yet. In fact, the new Google Maps traffic light icons don’t really do much. From what’s been observed, they only grow a bit larger as vehicles approach intersections.

Meanwhile, Apple does highlight the traffic controls along routes. Siri even alerts drivers about lights and stop signs alike around turns. That’s a great heads-up, particularly if the driver is in an unfamiliar area and doesn’t know the streets. Google will probably build the feature out more as this appears to be a first endeavor. 

Right now, it’s uncertain just how many Google Maps users are seeing the test. While it’s not showing up on Maps beta 10.45.0, it has been spotted in the wild on version 10.44.3.

Google Maps traffic light test screenshot
Credit: Droid Life

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