November 4, 2022
Google Maps Users Request New Freight and RV Mode

Google Maps Users are Begging the Tech Giant to Add this New Driving Mode Option

Google Maps supports various modes, including commutes, cycling, walking, and more, but one remains conspicuous by its absence…

There’s a lot more to Google Maps then navigation. It can help people find restaurants by fare or distance, give them attraction and destination ideas when visiting a new city, and a whole lot more. Another of its most useful functions are driving modes. For those unfamiliar, Google Maps allows people to choose from various modes, in order to accommodate their type of transportation, be it a car, bike, or even as a pedestrian.

For instance, people can opt into a route that avoids tolls. Or, layout a way to get around on a bicycle. But, there is no such mode for freight trucks and other large vehicles, like RVs. A good number of users have recognized this isn’t available, and have taken to various forms to request such a tool.

Google Maps Users Request New Freight and RV Mode

Just fairly recently, people in small, quiet residential neighborhoods have complained about 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles on their narrow streets. Drivers are using the default mode in order to navigate to their locations, which can help them avoid tolls. However, this leads them into small residential areas, where their vehicles might not be accommodated, or even legal.

Now, commercial vehicle operators and recreational vehicle owners are also recognizing the shortcomings of using the regular navigation mode. They have experienced less than ideal situations, including being led down roads to narrow to accommodate their vehicles, and under bridges which their vehicles did not fit. Because the other navigation modes do not account for such scenarios, commercial operators and recreational vehicle owners are finding themselves in some precarious predicaments.

So, they’re asking Google to create a truck mode or large vehicle option that allows them to avoid — not only inconvenient, but potentially dangerous — situations:

“I agree, noting low bridges or ‘avoid roads with low bridges’ would be very helpful. I drive a 5th wheel camper and had gotten stuck on a road with a 7′ bridge in an unfamiliar location. I am sure there are lots of campers who would also like this feature. Not just truck drivers.”

“Would be great for RVs. I live in the Ozarks and there are roads I won’t even take a boat down. We pulled our RV through St Louis yesterday using google maps and were trying to get truck routes instead of going through the maze downtown.”

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