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Google Maps Wildfire Tracking Layer is Rolling Out Across the Globe


Credit: Colorado Public Radio

Google Maps introduced a wildfire boundary map last year and now, the platform is expanding on it with a new wildfire tracking feature…

Google Maps is perhaps the most robust of its kind. It boasts numerous tools, including a wait time table, suggested places to visit, eat, and enjoy entertainment. And, it also provides quite a bit of real-time information, such as traffic conditions, speed traps, road construction, and more. It also includes a wildfire boundary map, which the company debuted last year. Now, it’s being expanded to a wildfire tracking tool.

Google Maps Wildfire Tracking Feature Rolling Out Worldwide

The new Google Maps wildfire tracker is yet another “layer” the navigation app is using to alert people about the most up-to-date details. It will display particular facts about such fires, its level of containment, the number of acres burned, as well as the time the most recent information was reported. The wildfire layer will start its global rollout to Android devices this week and to iOS devices and PCs in October.

Additionally, Google Maps other information available through its Tree Canopy tool. Right now, it’s limited to just 15 cities in the United States. But, is being expanded to report more information for 100 cities around the world in 2022.

Credit: Google
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